TAPA News: September 2017

  • Friends of TAPA (US), a US 501(c)3 charity, accepts donations via Paypal and cheque. 100% to the cause!
  • 54,000 mark! TAPA has now sterilised over 54,000 animals! We are making a difference, thanks to your support!

A Special Thank You for Their Generous Donations to Friends of TAPA

To world tennis star Martina Navratilova
Ms. Navratilova has been called "the greatest singles, doubles, and mixed doubles player who's ever lived."

To Keely and Pierce Brosnan
Mr. Brosnan, of 007 fame, is also presently Campaign Chair of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

To actress Lake Bell
Ms. Bell has appeared on ER, The Practice, and Boston Legal, and in several movies.

Photos from the Field

Field Clinic in the tsunami rubble

View of tsunami rubble from the clinic

Village boy brings his dog for sterilisation

Netting dogs in an urban environment

Villager and his dog

Administering pre-surgery meds through the net

Sterilisations under way

Sterilising a cat

Sterilising for Project Embark

Memorial Donation

Thank you to Mrs. W. Wijesekara of Nugegoda, Sri Lanka, who made a donation to TAPA in memory of her beloved Lassie, Flash, and Syndy, and to Mark and Sandy Benson of Atlanta, Georgia (USA), who made a donation in memory of their wonderful Pookie. The spirits of these animals live on to help other animals.

Please contact us if you would like to make a donation to honor the memory of a special friend now gone.

Creative Fundraising for TAPA

Dog Training Workshop Supports TAPA

Ms. Peni Fitzpatrick, renowned dog (and people) trainer and owner of The Dog Company of Sidney, Canada, recently conducted a dog training workshop in San Diego, California, with proceeds donated to Friends of TAPA! This two-day course was designed to help dog owners modify their own behaviors to better control the behavior of their dogs. Many of the dogs in the class were "problem" dogs—but by the end of the class, they were passing between other dogs and walking together in the pack. Logistics assistance was provided by Gina McGrath, owner of Claws and Paws Pet Sitting Service of Encinitas, California and Kris Elig, owner of Professional Pet Sit of San Diego, California.
Thank you!

Dog Training Workshop with Peni Fitzpatrick

Vet Clinics Support TAPA

The Broadford Veterinary Clinic (Central Highlands Group) of Australia supported us through a creative approach that was appreciated by clients and staff. The Broadford Clinic recently held a special spay-neuter promotion and donated 25% of the income to TAPA! And the Box Hill, Eltham and Mount Morency Vet Hospitals (Australia) have been selling chocolates with proceeds to TAPA.

Skydiving for TAPA!

The Jump!

While on a Scuba diving holiday in Sri Lanka, Kay Anderson of England found the TAPA field clinic at work. She was deeply impressed with the work being done and spent two weeks assisting the TAPA team and the animals. Upon return to England, Kay decided she must raise funds to help TAPA. Maybe a sponsored long distance swim? The London Marathon? Skydiving it was to be: Kay decided her friends would pay to see her jump out of an airplane! Kay's friend Julia Webster, even though uneasy with heights, also volunteered to jump for TAPA, and Kay's brother-in-law Steve Croton joined in. Friends and family became sponsors. Julia's employer, ING Bank, offered to match Julia's donation. The die was cast!

Skydiving for TAPA

On the appointed day, the queasy trio made their way to the skydive airport – but then waited five anxious hours for a break in the thunderstorms. Suddenly the skies cleared and off they went, jumping from above the clouds in tandem with instructors. Freefalling at up to 120 miles per hour (200 kph) from 12,000 feet (3,700 meters) until the parachutes opened. What an exhilarating adventure! Kay, Julia and Steve loved it, especially knowing they had raised enough money for TAPA to sterilise 100 dogs, preventing many subsequent generations of unwanted puppies.

TAPA and the animals greatly appreciate this creative fundraiser. Kay, Julia and Steve hope it will inspire others to "think out of the box" to help TAPA!

Kay practices, swearing TAPA colours

Steve bids farewell to his kids

Kay and Julia get ready

Safe on the ground again!

Community Education Programme

Our formal community education is underway, thanks to a grant from the RSPCA (UK). Presentations have been made in schools and orphanages, and copies of our “How to Avoid Dog Bites” leaflets in three languages are being distributed. See Education for more information and downloadable copies.

Where We Have Been Working

Tsunami zone is highlighted in yellow.
Areas TAPA has worked are highlighted in brown.

TAPA has conducted field clinics in a wide range of locations, including: Panadura, Karinda, Bundala, Hambantota, Colombo, Tangalle, Hikkaduwa, Moratua, Arugam Bay, Narigama, Galle, Boosa, Unawatuna, Ahangama, Akmeemana, Gampola, Kadukannawa, Bope, Bentota, Dehiatthakandiya, Vavuniya, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Siriyagama, Mannar, Kegalle, Negombo, Galigamuwa, Trincomalee, Ambalantota, Anuradhapura, and Maharagama - with more to come!


About 50% of the animals sterilised are community/stray dogs that the TAPA team netted and about 50% are dogs brought by their owners, maintaining TAPA's approach of sterilising both individually owned animals as well as community dogs/strays.

Friends of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (FoTAPA)

Friends of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (FoTAPA) has been established in the USA to support sterilisation work in the tsunami zone. FoTAPA has been designated as a "501(c)(3)" nonprofit charitable organisation by the US Internal Revenue Service. Donations by US taxpayers are deductible under IRS regulations. Non-US taxpayers are also very welcome to support FoTAPA. Online donations are now accepted from anywhere in the world via PayPal and credit card. See How to Help – Donate via Friends of TAPA USA for more information.

Cat recovering from sterilisation surgery

Project Embark

TAPA is proud to be an implementing partner of Project Embark.  Embark was created by Ms. Otara Gunawardena, founder of Odel (Pvt) Ltd (the leading Sri Lankan Department Store group) as a corporate social responsibility campaign.  Many thousands of animals have been sterilised by TAPA under Embark sponsorship.

TAPA uses our regular donations to work only in the tsunami zone and former war cone.  However, when sponsored, we are available to work in any environment in Sri Lanka.  This includes working in urban areas, which is very challenging when having to contend with traffic, and added care in swinging our nets around people!