Dog Population Management

Development versus Culture

Managing community/street dogs is a challenge facing developing countries as they emerge into the global arena of the 21st century. Human population growth, community development, tourism, and lack of legislation for pet and humane animal control can produce a culture clash where community dogs have been a way of life and part of society for centuries. Most developing countries are just beginning to deal with the community dog issue at a legislative level after years of unproductive culling or attempts at sheltering that were quickly overwhelmed by the reality of the sheer numbers of animals. Sri Lanka is no exception.

Why Sterilise?

  • Stray dogs, community dogs, owner-dogs
  • Population mismanagement: development versus culture
  • Population biology
  • Role of owner-dogs
  • Humane population management: TAPA’s multi-faceted response

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In the photo above, dogs recovering from surgery are shown.