Tsunami Animal-People Alliance | Animal Welfare Organization

The Tsunami Animal-People Alliance field clinic provides vaccination, spay-neuter, and general treatment in Sri Lanka’s tsunami-affected and former conflict zones and refugee settlements. We seek to humanely control the animal population while minimizing the risk of rabies and dog bites.

How We’ve Helped

  • No mass killing of dogs where TAPA has worked.
  • Reduced the incidence of rabies and dog bites and humanely stabilizing the dog population.
  • Awareness raised of animal welfare issues and humane population control.
  • Educated the community about humane treatment of animals, and avoiding dog bites and rabies.
  • Assisted during flood disasters.

Fast Facts

Dog having surgery58,000+

Dogs sterilised and vaccinated

Boy with dog14

Years working in tsunami-affected areas, refugee areas and the former conflict zone

Woman with dog50%

Percentage of dogs brought by owners to the TAPA field clinic. The other 50% are caught in our nets, and returned to the exact spot where caught after recovery.