Friends of TAPA

The Friends of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (FoTAPA) is a US-based organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of the animals and the people in the tsunami zone in Sri Lanka. FoTAPA is a non-profit organisation that the US Internal Revenue Service has designated as 501(c)(3) tax exempt (copy of IRS designation letter available). Donations by US taxpayers are deductible in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations. Residents of other countries may also donate to FoTAPA or directly to TAPA.

FoTAPA makes grants for vaccinating and sterilising animals in Sri Lanka’s tsunami zone to improve the welfare of the animals and the people by reducing the threat of rabies and dog bites, while humanely managing the animal population.

FoTAPA Board of Directors and Corporate Officers

Ms. Sherrill Grant (FoTAPA Director) has extensive experience in startup, operation, funding, and sustainability of animal welfare NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), with a focus on Asia and disaster operations. Ms. Grant is a co-founder of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance and has spent significant time working with the TAPA team in the field in Sri Lanka. Ms. Grant is the co-founder of Yudisthira Foundation (Bali Street Dogs).

Ms. Diann Hohenthaner (FoTAPA Director), a long time animal welfare activist, is a specialist in administration with a background in both the public and private sectors. She is experienced in project management as well as in providing liaison within organisations as well as to vendors, clients, and the public.

Ms. Jamie Shepard (FoTAPA Director) has extensive experience in marketing strategy and creative development, as well as in project direction, grant preparation, and development of retail and industrial marketing materials. Ms. Shepherd has a longtime interest in animal welfare and is presently a Marketing Materials Consultant.

Ms. Janet Tumpich (FoTAPA Director and Secretary/Treasurer) has extensive experience in management and administrative roles in a team environment in various organisations, including 13 years operating her own business. Ms. Tumpich is also an experienced art director and graphic designer, has a long-term interest in animal welfare, and volunteers with Yudisthira Foundation (Bali Street Dogs).

Ms. Sheila Young (FoTAPA President) is an international development specialist and has been an active volunteer supporting the TAPA field team to develop operational and marketing strategies and providing logistics support.

Mr. Robert Blumberg (FoTAPA Director and Vice-President) is an engineer who was resident in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck and subsequently worked on tsunami reconstruction projects. Mr. Blumberg helped guide the initial animal welfare response after the tsunami and later co-founded the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance. He has worked closely with the TAPA team in Sri Lanka, with an emphasis on administration and logistics support.