TAPA Achievements

No mass killing of dogs in any area where TAPA has worked!

Community involvement and agreement.

Over 54,000 dogs sterilised and vaccinated, reducing the incidence of rabies and dog bites and humanely stabilizing the dog population.

Awareness raised of animal welfare issues and humane population control.

Education programme progressing, including development and distribution of leaflets on how to avoid dog bites. (Education)

Marchig Animal Welfare Award received. In 2006 TAPA received the 2005 Jeanne Marchig Animal Welfare Award. The award and grant were made in recognition of outstanding practical work in averting the mass-killing of dogs in tsunami affected areas through offering an alternative solution to population management and rabies control, thus bringing relief to tens of thousands of dogs as well as raising awareness through its daily activities. (Our Visionaries)

Officially registered NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) in Sri Lanka. Name officially changed from Tsunami Memorial Animal Welfare Trust to Tsunami Animal-People Alliance to underline the link between the welfare of the animals and the welfare of the people.

Replication. TAPA provided the training to implement a mass sterilisation programme for the Municipal Council in Ahmedabad, India using TAPA Sri Lanka’s operation as a template and aiming to sterilise 40,000–50,000 dogs per year. TAPA team members have also transferred our netting methods through a regional seminar in Malaysia. (International expenses funded by sponsoring organisations; all general donations to TAPA go to field sterilisations in the tsunami zone.)

Disaster Response Team. TAPA has proven itself as a Disaster Response Team in the region, assisting in flood relief in India (funded by sponsoring rganisations).

Friends of TAPA (FoTAPA) established. FoTAPA is a US-based non-profit organisation founded to support Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release in the tsunami zone. The US Internal Revenue Service has recognised FoTAPA as a 501(c)(3) organisation, making donations to FoTAPA tax-deductible by US taxpayers to the extent allowed under IRS regulations. Anyone may donate online from anywhere in the world! (Donate via Friends of TAPA USA)