TAPA Corporate Sponsors/Partners

Pfizer Animal Health (US) generously donated 50,000 doses of Defensor Anti-Rabies vaccine for distribution through TAPA to the animal welfare Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) community working in the disaster zone during 2005-2006. The combination of vaccination and sterilisation has been a powerful tool in reducing rabies and improving the welfare of both the people and animals of Sri Lanka. www.pfizerah.com


Otara Gunewardena, founder of Odel, visits the Embark field clinic implemented by TAPA.

TAPA was excited to recognise Odel, Sri Lanka's first department store, as a corporate partner through Project Embark. Embark is the personal corporate social responsibility initiative of Otara Gunewardena, founder of Odel, and demonstrates her strong and dedicated commitment to improving the welfare of Sri Lanka's people and animals. Visit www.embark.lk for more information


Seeking Corporate Partnerships

TAPA looks forward to forming additional corporate partnerships that support our goals of reducing rabies and dog bites through sterilisation and vaccination.