Financial Donations Directly to Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (TAPA)

Help us continue to improve the welfare of the animals and the people in Sri Lanka's tsunami zone. Donate directly to TAPA to help us sterilise and vaccinate in the tsunami zone and reduce the threat of rabies, lower the incidence of dog bites (especially among children), and help protect the animals from misguided mass killing as an ineffective form of rabies control and reduce many generations of unwanted animals.

$25,000 Pillar 1250 dogs and cats
$10,000 Platinum 500 dogs and cats
$5,000 Gold 250 dogs and cats
$2,500 Silver 125 dogs and cats
$1,000 Sponsor 50 dogs and cats
$500 Sustaining 25 dogs and cats
$240 Affiliate 12 dogs and cats
$100 Associate 5 dogs and cats
$40 Friend 2 dogs or cats
$20 DogStar/CatStar 1 dog or cat

It costs us approximately $20 to spay/neuter each animal in our field clinic, which includes medicines, surgical supplies, and team costs.

Sponsor a Village!

Contact us for information about sponsoring your own village (250 – 500 dogs). We will vaccinate and sterilise at least 75% of the dogs in your village on one of our field rotations, provide an education component, and display a banner recognising your sponsorship. We will also provide you with a photo report. (75% is the generally accepted penetration level of vaccination to achieve "herd resistance" to rabies and 75% is also the generally accepted sterilisation rate that achieves zero population growth; but we aim for 85% or more — actually, all we can catch or that are brought to us!)


Donate online via secure PayPal (which also accepts credit cards) through the US-based Friends of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance. FoTAPA's Board is donating funds to cover all FoTAPA overheads, including credit card surcharges, so 100% of your donation will go to sterilisation in the tsunami zone.


Send Foreign Currency cheques to:

Tsunami Animal-People Alliance
352/1 Vidyaloka Mawatha
Yowun Pedesa
Hokandara South, Sri Lanka

Include your complete contact information, including e-mail address, so that we can confirm receipt. Please first consult your home bank to determine what fees, if any, will be deducted when the cheque is returned to your home bank for collection. Receipts will be issued by return mail. Collection through your home bank takes several weeks.

Bank Wire Information

Tsunami Animal-People Alliance
Account: 006180000044
Type of Account: Current/Checking
Nations Trust Bank, Ltd
No 242 Union Place
Colombo 2, Sri Lanka

If in dollars, include "Route through Standard Chartered Bank – New York". If in Euros, include "Route through Amex Frankfurt". If in Pounds Sterling, include "Route through Standard Chartered Bank London". If in Australian Dollars, include "Route though HSBC Sydney".  If in other currencies, contact us for the routing information to minimize currency exchange costs.

Please alert us via email when a wire transfer is coming.

Thank you!