Photo Gallery

From tropical paradise to utter devastation in minutes . . . .

Dog in packed refugee camp

Nothing left but the foundation — his cat and dog were carried away by the waves — but both came back several hours later!

Children share their food with a dog
in a refugee camp

Field clinic

Many people have never had to transport
their dogs – so creativity is useful!

Dogs brought to the clinic in a cart
pulled by a mini-tractor

Preparing meds and supplies
for the next morning

Injecting pre-surgery meds while
dog still safely in the net

Preparing to move to surgery prep table

Sterilisations underway – 30 to 35 per day

Vet services are limited or non-existent in much of the tsunami zone so the TAPA Team
also provides general vet care for dogs and cats

Nets are safer for the animals and the team

The team sings to unwind after a hard day

Change in attitude toward animals begins with the children

On the way to net more dogs, a TAPA dog catcher greets a dog sterilised a few days earlier