Corporate Sponsorship

TAPA is committed to partnerships that promote and support our strategic aim to alleviate the suffering and anguish associated with the risk of rabies. We are constantly seeking partners to assist in our programme to reduce the incidence of rabies and dog bites, especially among children. This assistance can be financial support through sponsorship of our CNVR clinics, sponsoring a village, sponsoring a TAPA field clinic in the community around your factory, or through in-kind donations of needed medical supplies.

Our general donations support our work in the tsunami zone, but corporate partners may sponsor work anywhere, including non-tsunami areas.

We would be very interested in discussing opportunities for your business or company to support our programmes. We can fly your banner and provide you with photos and reports for publication.

One such corporate sponsorship is the exciting Embark project, a partnership between Odel (Sri Lanka's first department store), TAPA, and Sathva Mithra.