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Digger Comes to the Half-Acre

A true story about an ornery black-and-white Border collie, who refused to herd, but stole things instead. He manages to find happiness at a new home — once he has reorganized it.

Geordie Comes to the Half-Acre

How an observant, thoughtful, and all too cute red-and-white Border collie pup wins over a grumpy and jealous Uncle Digger. All true.

Each beautiful 58 page hard cover book is autographed and includes dozens of full-colour photos that give life to a true story full of charm, told in little chapters. Suitable for children aged 3 or 4 as a “read-to book”, on up to dog-loving young people, adults and grandparents.

About the Author

Canadian author Anne Mayhew has always loved dogs, and initiated courses in children’s literature, mythology and folktale at Centennial College in Toronto. Upon returning to her native British Columbia, she merged her two passions. Anne (a.k.a. “Mother Dear” in the books) has generously donated 50 sets of books (each set includes one of each title) for TAPA supporters, with all proceeds donated to TAPA (after shipping costs).


US$30 per set of two books (includes shipping anywhere in the world).

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